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Ribbon Blender that we offer is globally appreciated for its superior technology & acceptable price range. A horizontal agitator consisting of precisely pitched inner and outer helical ribbons moves materials in a well-balanced axial and radial flow pattern. Ribbon Blender for Spices We can also take any existing blend and adjust it to suit a chef’s liking or convert a blend to purer raw materials. The Ribbon Blender is one of our precision engineered range of Blending Machines that incorporates U shaped container and sturdy and horizontal ribbon agitating blades. The ingredients are delivered manually to the blender via totes. It is renowned as the most robust mixer available, providing since 1990 of reliable service. With a heavy-duty drive, plate steel construction and available abrasion resistant liners, trouble free service is guaranteed. The compact and robust construction dust proof operation ensures their negligible running costs.  Raw materials fed to the Ribbon Blender for Spices are moved left and right and upside down by the ribbons, which results in blending of the product.

Ribbon blender comprises of a straight u-shaped depression and a specially calculated double helical a fabricated ribbon agitator rotating within. ribbon blender manufacturer Ribbon blenders are extensively used for all the same mixing of dry granules and powders. The Ribbon blenders are presented in working capacity of 50 litters – 8000 litters. The size and design of the ribbon blenders are carefully balanced to make available a progress of material within the container that avoids dead spots and gives rapid product discharge. Ribbon Blender is a low responsibility blender generally used for simple to mix powder workings which are pre-processed like dried granules, pre-sieved powders etc. Ribbon blenders are extensively used for granulation, mixing and homogenizing applications. There are lots of Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in India. The rotating focus agitator shaft does not have bottom bearing maintain thereby removing any dead spots to clean. The inlet wrap also provides preservation and crackdown access to the inside of the blender.

Ribbon Mixer Machine are mostly used for the uniform drying and mixing functions regarding the applications of food, chemical, pesticides, detergents, pharmaceutical and plastic industries. Ribbon Mixer MachineThe general structure Ribbon Mixer Machine has non-contact parts made of customer requirement. Fast mixing speed can satisfy the rigorous demand of mixing the materials with different physical property. These are made using optimum quality materials, which are procured from authentic vendors of the industry. Ribbon Mixer Machine fabricated in well equipped infrastructure is definitely worth buying a very profitable industrial investment. There are lots of Ribbon Mixer Machine Manufacturers in India. All the non-contact parts are polished in matt finished in GMP Models. The ribbon mixer machine is easy to install and low in maintenance to compare other machines. It has a excellent performance.

The Detergent Mixing Machine is used to mix the different types of raw material properly. This machine is coming with different size and specification. The machine made with mild steel and stainless steel construction. The detergent mix is the first process of making detergent. The detergent mixing machine provides a fast mixing speed. It is easy to use and maintain. This machine is save time and labor and lover power consumption.

The Industrial Powder Mixing Machine is used to mix all type of powder like detergent, achar, masala mixer, paste mixer, etc.  this machine is coming with stainless steel or mild steel structure. The machine has different specification and size. The machine is used for different types of mixing tanks including liquid mixer, the ribbon mixer and static mixer and chemical mixer. This machine has a simple structure and convenient operation. It maintain the quality of material and cleaning.

Detergent Mixing Machine and Industrial Powder Mixing Machine

High Capacity Ribbon Blender consist a w- shaped parallel channel. And it is specially made with a ribbon campaigner. The ribbon campaigner made with a inner and outer helical agitators. The high capacity ribbon blenders are ideal for high volume production.

High capacity ribbon blender mainly used for easy to mix powder components. The Ribbon Blender in India are batch size based on 70% of blender volume. The parallel alignments make the materials move up and down. And the ribbon of its gathering material to sides to center. The machine is featured by a ribbon agitator, an engine and a tough which holds the materials that needs t be mixed.

High capacity ribbon blender are comes with a different sizes and quality. it depends on customers requirements.

As the most popular Ribbon Blender has been developed in various applications according to different client’s requirement. Ribbon blender can also be designed for shearing function but not as strong as plough mixer.

Ribbon blenders are used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. In chemical industries ribbon blenders used to Mixing and blending of specialty chemicals, explosives, fertilizers, dry powdered detergents, glass or ceramics, and rubber compounds. In pharmaceutical industries Horizontal Blender Machine used to Blending of active ingredients of a drug with recipients like starch, cellulose, or lactose. And in food industries it is used to Preparation of cake mix, spices, and flavors.

The general structure Ribbon Blender has non-contact parts made of customer requirement. Ribbon blender also used for cosmetic powders, spices, coffee, drying, animal feed, supplement and drink blends.

Paddle Blenders consist of u-shaped horizontal through and a double helical ribbon Agitator rotating. Paddle blender is wide variety of mixing application. Paddle blender agitators are ideally suited for applications including feed and grain, filter cakes and abrasive products.

Paddle agitators are fitted with tighter clearances with the trough than ribbons to allow more efficient clean-out at the end of each batch. Paddle blender mixer has several paddles attached to a horizontal shaft. Paddle mixers should be used for wet mixes only. Paddle style agitators can be used in both batch and continuous style mixers.

Paddle Agitators are most commonly used in the food industry where bulk products are repeatedly blended. The minimal gap between paddle and vessel ensures mixing efficiency resulting in minimized dead spots and residue.

The Ribbon Blender has cost savings as the thermal treatment is accomplished in the same time and vessel being used for mixing step. Accurate control of batch thermal treatment time. Low capital cost as the drying is accomplished in the same time and vessel being used for transferring and mixing.

Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in India are comprises of a u-shaped horizontal. In ribbon blender the ribbons rotate at approximately 70-100 meters with material. Ribbon blender can also function as a paste mixer. It has a sanitary design-heavy gauge, stainless steel construction. Ribbon blender can move both direction. The Ribbon Blender Panel provided with facilities in 500 Liters & bigger model of Ribbon Blenders.

The offered blender is manufactured by our skilled professionals using most favorable evaluation material and classy techniques in obedience to set industry standard.

Ribbon Blenders consist of a u-shaped horizontal through and a double helical ribbon Agitator rotating.  The outer ribbon moves the material direction to the inner ribbon from one direction to other opposite direction.  The dimension of ribbons is carefully balanced. The ribbon rotates at approx 300 fpm.

An alternate agitator is paddle design. The paddles are move material in opposite side as well as radically. The ribbon rotates 70-100 meters per minute with material. The Ribbon Blender rotates at approx 300 fpm. This ribbon is available in working capacity of 4 litters to 25,000 litters.  This is designed to consider the atmosphere operation.

Ribbon Blender is available in different grades of stainless steel 304, 316, carbon steel and mild steel. Ribbon blenders designs are available for center or end discharge.